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User tracking

My Website (i.e. all contained Webpages) renounces user tracking of any kind. It does not use any content from external sources such as

Also, it does not contain things such as


My hosting service provider stores various connection and usage data. I do not use these myself.

Links to external websites

If you should find legally problematic contents on websites of other providers, to which I have linked, I would be very grateful for a corresponding notice, so that I can check the affected pages and remove the links to them if necessary.


On this website only materials are used for which I either own the copyright, which may be used freely (z.B. von pixabay.com) or for which I have a usage permission of the copyright holder.

If you find any content on this website that you believe or know may be problematic for copyright or other reasons, please let me know. I will immediately check the content concerned and remove it if necessary.

Right to your own picture

When depicting people on photos and in videos, I respect the right of the individual to their own picture. This means that I do not use images of persons who are in the foreground and are easily recognizable without their consent.

If you should find on this website representations of persons, of whom you believe or know that they did not agree to the use, I ask you for an appropriate reference. I will immediately check the images concerned and remove them if necessary.

Personal data

I keep e-mails in connection with orders for construction kits within the legally prescribed periods.

I will neither publish your personal data, e.g. name, address, e-mail address etc. nor pass them on to third parties.

You have the right to request the following with regard to the personal data I process: