Advertising Platform

Release Date

English version: 07/02/2015, German version: 12/31/2014


Idea and Description

Kurt Andro


Brief Description, Objective

Providing an advertising platform for people,

  • for whom the advertising industry is in terms of popularity very close to the secret services and criminals,
  • which would rather chop off the clicking finger before they click on a banner ad,
  • who block out banner ads, social networking buttons etc. by "tunnel vision"
  • and who all of the time try to escape tracking (e.g. through conscious choice of devices, operating systems, browsers, AddOns etc. and their appropriate configuration) as much as possible.


Starting Point

  • The target audience feels annoyed, harassed and persecuted of advertising by the constant and intrusive bombardment in TV, radio, video clips, banners, search hit lists etc.
  • Personalized advertising is rejected because it means that someone has already collected and processed your personal data.



Parts of the target group would well accept advertising

  • if they could determine when they would like to see advertising
  • what exactly they want to see (eg when they want to buy a particular product, to know what there is on the market and what various manufacturers offer)
  • if they could be sure that their activities could not be tracked, so it could not be assigned to their person and what they are interested in
  • if the contents would be less glamorously bloated and more informative instead.



An alternative advertising platform with the following characteristics

  • Site consists entirely of HTML and CSS.
  • JavaScript, and other methods for user identification and tracking are explicitly and permanently renounced. Even the navigation consists only of ordinary links.
  • This will be described on a sub page and guaranteed permanently.
  • The user can easily check that e.g. by the use of NoScript.
  • The homepage consists of lines of advertising blocks, each consisting of three columns:
    • Column 1: tags, ie terms the advertised product can be found with
    • Column 2: thumbnail of the promotional video, linked to the video clip
    • Column 3: Links to manufacturers / providers website
  • At the beginning only a single product page, the main page, will be needed.
  • An integrated search function is omitted to make it clear that nothing can be recorded.
  • The page can be searched by keyword by using the browser search function (Ctrl + F), it must be pointed at at the top of the page. (For "mainstream users" this might be unacceptable, the expected target group certainly has no problem with it, it is more likely to appreciate it as an advantage)
  • Should the site be very successful and the main page therefore eventually be VERY long, you could split them, for example, in "Technical Products" and "Non-Technical Products" or "Products" and "Services" or similar, depending on the current composition of the offer.
  • Otherwise, there are very few sub-pages: Contacts, Contact - the usual.


Additional Considerations

  • For marketing people, it might initially be unfamiliar and seem disadvantageous to have so few success control options. They could only count how often their clip is watched via the advertising platform. One would have to convince them that it is exactly the point by which they can reach these additional groups in the first place.
  • You could use a "cheeky" URL, which makes immediately clear that this is a truly alternative platform. Something like ... or something like that
  • Additionally, perhaps a catchy tiny URL, also to facilitate the usage on smartphones.
  • Time and expenses for creating and maintaining such a site would be reasonable.
  • So you could offer the service for relatively low prices. Perhaps graded by the time such a commercial would remain, for example, 20$ for a month and 50$ for three months or something like that.
  • A very small cost burden for advertisers and therefore no major inhibitions to try out that new channel.
  • You might consider to take no fee for the first few months to fill the site with content quickly, so that visitors do not get the first impression that the site was "dead".
  • The server load would be extremely low because the videos would be streamed from the vendor sites, or from Youtube etc.