Bedclothes Holder

Release Date



Idea and Description

Kurt Andro



  • Pillows, duvet and mattress take on a significant lot of sweat overnight.
  • If pillow and blanket remain on the mattress during the day they (and even the mattress) can evaporate moisture only in limited amounts.
  • In the evening there might be some moisture left which can cause unpleasant dampness and a feeling of cold.
  • If moisture is collected over an extended period of time, mildew, mites/bacteria growth and bad smells can be the result.
  • The previously customary airing at an open window is often impractical nowadays for various reasons.



  • Headboard and footboard can be folded up and locked.
  • Pillow and blanket can be placed on it, where they are well ventilated throughout the day.
  • The now free mattress can evaporate moisture unhindered.


Additional Idea for Children

Children can use the Bedclothes Holder in order to build a "cool cave" with blankets.



If you would like to make a bed with a clothes holder yourself the product Kledy cod. 604 of the Italian company Arredamenti Italia could be very useful: