Eye Contact Camera

  • Makes video telephony more comfortable.
  • Can be built for a reasonable price.

Release Date

English version: 06/28/2015, German version: 04/25/2014


Idea and Description

Kurt Andro


Brief Description, Objective

A camera that can be positioned more accurately than conventional webcams and therefore allows a better eye contact with the video telephony.



For a video call, the conversational partners never look directly into one another's eyes.

The reason is that everyone looks in the eyes of the image of its opposite on the monitor, but the cameras are located on (or in) the top of the monitor.

On the internet you can find some explanations and solutions; but – in my opinion – they all are

  • technically complex and costly
  • and – in use – more bothering than helpful

 Here are some examples



 A transparent support strip which

  • is attached to the upper edge of the monitor
  • carries a camera module at its lower end
  • is displaceable,
    • to be able to position the camera directly next to or above the conversational partner's face
  • is pivotable,
    • to disappear out of the monitor image when not in use
  • is provided at the edge with conducting paths,
    • to supply electricity to the camera
    • and to transmit the signals from the camera