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Glasses Heating

Kurt Andro – December 13th 2020

Problem description

Fogged eyeglass lenses

Fogged lenses can significantly impair vision. They are annoying and sometimes dangerous. When moving from a cold environment to a heated room or when wearing mouth-nose protection, common tips and methods (applying soap or sprays, tucking a tissue under the edge of the mask, etc.) are often not enough to keep glasses fog-free.

Hence my question to the Maker community, to manufacturers of eyeglasses, lenses, car windows, and to anyone else interested:

Could the method described below work and be practical?

You would need: A pair of glasses with a plastic frame and an electrically conductive core in the temples. In addition, a spectacle strap.

Glasses with strap

The goggle strap consists of a two-pole cable. Plus comes to one temple, minus to the other.

Glasses with cable

In jacket or trouser pocket: a rechargeable battery, e.g. USB Power Pack - 5 Volt / 2 Ampere

Glasses with Power Pack

In the cable: a switch or rotary knob (potentiometer)

Glasses with switch

In the eyeglass frames: Conductive paths that bring the power supply to the lenses and bridge the nose piece

Glasses with tracks in frame

In, on or at the glasses: Heating elements, e.g. in the form of

Glasses with heated lenses

Since (unlike car windows) no ice needs to be defrosted, but the glasses only need to be warmed slightly, the power supplied by a power pack, about 10 watts in the example, should be sufficient.

By presenting this idea, I hope to stimulate lively discussions and cool prototypes that will ultimately lead to great finished products.

I welcome mail to: info@ideenzumnulltarif.de

The graphic (glasses without the band) is from pixabay.com