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Hand Exerciser

Kurt Andro – April 20th 2014

Hand Exerciser
Hand exerciser with charging function

Two devices, namely a hand trainer (the thing with the spring) and a charger for smartphones (in which a dynamo is driven by a hand crank) are merged into a single device.

The dynamo housing gets two levers with handles instead of the crank, which are arranged like with a conventional hand exerciser. The movement (opening and closing of the hand) does not get its mechanical resistance from a spring, but from the dynamo.

The lifting movement is converted into the required rotary movement via a crank and a suitable transmission.

A USB socket is available on the housing to which a smartphone can be connected.

Housings and handles should be designed as "flat" as possible and the handles can be locked in the closed position so that the device can be carried in a space-saving manner.

Possible expansion

A second USB socket to which another handheld device can be connected, so you can train with both hands and charge with higher power.