Hand Exerciser with Charging Function

Two devices become a single one!
Two devices become a single one!

Release Date

English version: 06/29/2015, German version: 04/20/2014


Idea and Description

Kurt Andro


Brief Description, Objective

 Two devices on the market,

  •  namely a hand exerciser (the thing with the spring)
  •  and a charger for smartphones (powered by a hand crank dynamo)

are merged into a single gadget. The disadvantages of the individual devices neutralize each other and operate even for increased benefit.



Hand exerciser

  • In addition to the known benefits (strengthening the hand muscles), the device has the disadvantage that the energy expended vanishes unused

 Smartphone charger with hand crank

  •      The driving of the dynamo hand crank is felt as unpleasant after a short time



The dynamo housing receives two levers with handles instead of the crank, which are arranged as a conventional hand exerciser.

The movement (opening and closing of the hand) receives its mechanical resistance not from a spring, but through the dynamo.

For this, the lifting movement is converted via a crank and a suitable translation into the required rotation.

In the housing there is a USB port available the smartphone can be connected to. Finished!


Possible extensions

  • An app that shows the training or charging energy generated
  • A second USB port where another handset can be connected to for using both hands and producing more power.

Housing and handles should be constructed as "flat" as possible and it should be possible to lock the handles in the "closed position", so that the device can easily be taken along.