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Holder For Dungarees Radio Watch

Kurt Andro – October 6th 2018

Front view: watch module in holder
Watch module in holder
Front view: holder and watch
Disassembled (front view)
Rear view: holder and watch
Disassembled (rear view)
Watch in the dungarees pen pocket
Watch in the dungarees pen pocket

Who is the watch for?

The Dun­ga­rees watch is for peop­le who we­ar dun­ga­rees (with pen po­cket) and al­so use long-slee­ved pro­tec­tive gl­oves.

These ty­pes of gl­oves of­ten can­not be re­mo­ved and put on quick­ly due to na­tu­re or con­ta­mi­na­ti­on with ha­zar­dous sub­stan­ces. This ma­kes it ti­me-con­su­ming to look at a wrist­watch or mo­bi­le pho­ne.

A look at the dun­ga­rees watch, on the other hand, on­ly ta­kes about two se­conds.

Features & benefits

The watch can be re­mo­ved from the hol­der to change the bat­te­ry.

It can be tur­ned in the hol­der and the­re­fo­re car­ri­ed in the left or right po­cket.

Purchase of the hol­der

The hol­der can be prin­ted by yours­elf using the free down­loa­da­ble file pcl-180825.stl or or­de­red from any 3D prin­ting ser­vice.

If you want to sup­port me and my web­site, you can al­so or­der it on my shop page (at i.ma­te­ria­li­se). In this ca­se I get a small sha­re of the ba­se pri­ce (wi­thout ship­ping costs and sa­les tax). The pri­ce re­mains the sa­me for you.

Purcha­se of a ra­dio clock mo­du­le

Of­fers for the ra­dio clock mo­du­le EURO­TIME 51900 (not in­clu­ded in the or­der of the hol­der) I found at the ti­me of pu­bli­ca­ti­on on the­se pa­ges:

I do not re­cei­ve any com­pen­sa­ti­on for purcha­sing via the­se links.

Fiel­ds of ap­p­li­ca­ti­on for long-slee­ved in­dus­tri­al safe­ty gl­oves

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glove