Holder for dungarees radio watch

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Idea and Description

Kurt Andro



  • The dungarees watch is for people who wear dungarees (with pen pocket) and also wear long-sleeved protective gloves.
  • These types of gloves often cannot be removed and put on quickly due to their nature or contamination with hazardous substances. This makes it time-consuming to look at a wristwatch or mobile phone.
  • A look at the dungarees watch, on the other hand, only takes about two seconds.
  • The watch can be removed from the holder to change the battery.
  • It can be turned in the holder and therefore carried in the left or right pocket.


Purchase of the Holder

  • The holder can be printed by yourself using the free downloadable file PCL-180825.stl or ordered from any 3D printing service.
  • If you want to support me and my website (ideenzumnulltarif.de), you can also order it on my shop page (at i.materialise.com). In this case I get a small share of the basic price (i.e. without shipping costs and sales tax).
3D-Print-File for dungarees radio watch holder
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Purchase of a radio clock module

Offers for the radio clock module EUROTIME 51900 (not included in the order of the holder) I found at the time of publication on these pages

I do not receive any compensation for purchasing via this link.


Fields of application for long-sleeved industrial safety gloves

  • mechanical hazards (sting, cut, impact, abrasion, animal bites, vibration)
  • thermal hazards (heat, cold, welding splashes)
  • chemical hazards (burns, irritation, poisoning)
  • biological hazards (infections)
  • electrical hazards (when working under voltage)
  • and hazards from radiation (UV, heat, laser and ionising radiation)

See also: Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glove#Commercial_and_industrial