Overhead Alarm Clock

Release Date

English version: 07/02/2015, German version: 06/26/2015

Idea and Description

Kurt Andro


Furniture built-in device
Furniture built-in device

Device for wall mounting
Device for wall mounting

Short Description

  • Quality and elegant alarm clock with special features
  • For over-head assembly (with a facedown panel)
  • As furniture built-in device or a device for wall mounting
  • For bedrooms, campers, yachts, hotel rooms, ship cabins etc.

Front panel of the built-in device
Front panel of the built-in device

Easy Reading

  • Three large displays, adjustable in brightness, with different colors for time, alarm time and remaining time.
  • Convenient viewing angle and viewing distance through overhead installation with facedown displays and controls – especially at night, half asleep.
  • Nightly check whether the alarm is activated and the alarm time is set:
    • If both the yellow display (alarm) and the green display (remaining time) are visible, the alarm is active.
    • At any time and without pressing any buttons you can see what alarm has been set and how long it will take to go off.

Intuitive Operation

  • All elements are accessible from the front; on the back there is just the 12 volt power supply and the battery compartment for the backup battery).
  • All settings can be changed directly; no complicated procedures such as "Hold SET pressed while you ..." so you can easily change the settings while half asleep.
  • All elements are labeled clearly and with internationally recognizable icons.
  • By size, arrangement and quality of the controls the operation is not a problem even in the dark.
  • Accidental adjustment of the clock or alarm is prevented by cover caps that hide the corresponding buttons. The cover caps jump open when pressed and snap in securely when closed again.
  • The unit can not tilt or slide. It is easily operated with one hand.

Alarm and Snooze Function

  • The alarm begins very quietly and increases in volume only slowly (min. to max. in about 2 minutes).
  • The Snooze button has only an effect when the alarm time has been reached.
  • The alarm is temporarily switched off by pressing the snooze button and ten minutes will be added to the alarm time. The new alarm is shown in the yellow display, the new remaining time in the green one. If the set alarm time was, for example, 06:00 and you hit the snooze button at 06:01 the yellow display now shows 06:11 and the green one 00:10.
  • After switching off and then on again the alarm is set back to the original value (in the example, 06:00).


Backup Battery

  • If the power supply fails, the battery maintains the time and alarms. The displays will switch off until power is available again.
  • A weakening battery is indicated by a red LED.

Further Advantages and Uses

  • Through high-quality components (industrial grade) and high build quality (possibly soldered contacts) you can achieve a high resistance to disturbances such as shocks, salty air, changes in temperature and humidity.
  • The saved nightstand area is free for other purposes.
  • The device can be used (different from the standard overhead use) in normal position. For example, installed in a cabinet or (in the stand-alone / wall mounting variant) with rubber feet on a (night) table.
  • A device variant (which is not intended for cars!) could be provided with a DCF77 module for automatic time setting instead of the time-setting buttons.
  • With high-quality materials for the front panel, such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel etc. luxury versions for yachts, hotel suites could be produced.