Kurt Andros


Password Safe

Kurt Andro – April 17th 2014


If the security of your accounts is important to you, you have to manage usernames, passwords, PINs etc. in some way.

Password programs, apps, etc. do not offer one hundred percent protection on devices that exchange data via the Internet or other media.

The "good" old paper method is of course also not very handy. And when the apartment burns down, everything is gone


A tablet that has only one single task (password management) and none of the common interfaces such as WLAN, Bluetooth, USB, SD card slots etc. is of course much safer.

For this task it only needs a very low performance and therefore needs a cheap processor, a simple display and very little RAM. Even an average battery is sufficient.

A manufacturer could very quickly and easily design such a device on the basis of an existing model.

As the only additional equipment, the device should have two special slots that differ from all standards in shape, size, contact assignment, etc., are proprietary and unique and fit into which equally unique memory cards fit.

The only application that starts after power-on is the password management with prompting for the master password. Incorrect entries result in forced pauses, which become longer from failed attempt to failed attempt.

The password management consists of a simple table, whose column headers can be named, columns can be added, moved, deleted etc..

Two memory cards are supplied which only fit into this device type, can be inserted individually or both in parallel, are encrypted with the master password and are automatically synchronized with the device memory.

One of the cards can then be stored in a different location after filling the database, so that damage or loss to the other card and/or device will not result in a total loss

The manufacturer would have to guarantee to be able to supply a replacement for this type of device and the memory cards for many years.

Because of the very rudimentary equipment such a device should not cost much more than 50 €, because cheap Android tablets (with more power, memory etc.) are already available for about 100 €.