Password Safe

Very secure, easy to handle and manufacturable at a reasonable price!


Release Date

English version: 06/29/2015, German version: 04/17/2014


Idea and Description

Kurt Andro


Brief Description, Objective

A tablet-like device that does only one job, namely password management, and does not provide any of the standard interfaces, is more secure than normal password programs etc. are.



Whoever considers the security of their passwords for web, bank and other accounts as important has to manage them in one way or the other.

Mostly this is done with a password management program on a PC, tablet, smartphone or on paper, which must be kept in a safe place.

Devices etc. that get connected to the Internet or to other devices, storage media etc., ie. actually any device, is exposed to diverse attacks by malware.

And the paper method is – of course – not really handy.

And if the apartment or office should burn down, your passwords are also gone.



A tablet, with no standard interfaces such as WIFI, Bluetooth, USB ports, SD card slots, etc., so that there is no gateway for malicious software.
It requires only very low power for this task and therefore gets along with an inexpensive processor, a simple display and very little memory. Even an average battery has enough power.
Based on an existing model, a manufacturer could very easily design such a device.
The only additional equipment are two special slots that are different in form, size, pin assignment, etc. of all standards, are proprietar and unique and can hold the equally unique memory cards.
The only application installed starts immediately after switching on the device and asks for the master password. Incorrect entries result in pauses that last longer and longer from one unsuccessful attempt to the next.
The password app consists of a simple table whose columns can be named, added, moved, deleted, etc.

Included are two memory cards that will only fit into this device type, which can be inserted both at the same time or only one, are encrypted with the master password and are automatically synchronized with the device memory.
One of the cards you can then store in a different location, so that a damage or loss of the other card and / or the device does not result in a total loss.
The manufacturer would have to guarantee for providing this type of device and memory card for many years.
Due to the very modest equipment such a device should not cost much more than 50 €.