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Pocket Protector

Protection against theft of the purse from the back pocket

Kurt Andro – September 14th 2015


Men like to carry their wallets in one of the back trouser pockets, where they are highly at risk of theft.

Depending on the type of pocket, it can be "pulled" more or less quickly and inconspicuously.

The perpetrators often work in teams. Usually the victim is skillfully distracted and then (by a second offender) quickly seized.

Some "artists" cut pockets that are difficult to access from above with a razor blade or similar at the bottom and catch the falling purse without the victim noticing anything about it.

Most men are well aware that there are alternatives, but many do not want to carry their valuables around in breast bags, men's handbags or the like.

So the wallet stays in the back pocket after all. What also remains is the bad feeling that it could disappear (especially in the crowd) at any time. Then you constantly grab it to make sure it's still there. But of course that's not real protection either.


A cover flap with a strong(!) Velcro® fastener plus another Velcro® fastener at the upper edge of the inside of the bag.

Opening thus requires (both for the user and for pickpockets) a certain and for the wearer clearly noticeable "fumbling" and needs for thieves too much time, in order to get away problem-free with the booty.

In order to also prevent the cutting of the trouser pocket, the pocket is underlaid with a layer of Kevlar® (for details on Kevlar® see below).

Outer side of the cover flap
Outer side of the cover flap

Inner side of the cover flap
Inner side of the cover flap

Outer side of the pocket
Outer side of the pocket

Inner side of the pocket
Inner side of the pocket


Two rear trouser pockets protected in this way could become the new "home" for two (moderately filled) wallets; one, for example, only for credit cards, driver's license, ID card, etc., and the other only for coins and banknotes.

This looks better, because there is no thick dent in a (crowded) wallet. And it doesn't squeeze as one-sidedly when sitting for longer periods (numbness, back pain etc.) as it does when driving a car.


Kevlar® is a registered trademark of the company DuPont™.

It can be washed with water, dry-cleaned or be washed with a mild detergent at 30-40°C.

Uncoated Kevlar® must be protected from UV radiation (e.g. sunlight), otherwise it will lose its strength.

Coated Kevlar® is UV-resistant and water-repellent.

Depending on the upper material used and the expected exposure (duration and intensity of irradiation), it may be sensible to use coated Kevlar®; however, it is somewhat more expensive and somewhat more difficult to sew.

Make your own pocket protector?

You can order Kevlar® for do-it-yourself (also small quantities) e.g. from the company extremtextil.