Rain Backpack

Release Date

English version: 06/30/2015

German version: 06/26/2015


Idea and Description

Kurt Andro

Hardshell backpack with rain (and sun) protection

  • Soft material in the back area
  • Plastic (hard shells) for the actual container
  • Rounded outer part
  • Over the outer part a second hard shell, which
    • slides on two rails (profiles that are integrated in the shell or rounded telescopic rails that are mounted on top of the shell) up- and downwards,
    • snaps in in the lower and in the upper position,
    • serves as an umbrella or sunscreen
  • To lift it up grasp with both hands over your shoulders and pull it over your head until it clicks
  • As easily as pulling it up slide it back after using it
  • At the outer edges of the outer shell drawn-up edges, which serve as water drainage channels and ensure stability