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Idea and Description

Kurt Andro



An app that is supposed to make reading of foreign-language books and listening to audio books more pleasant and increases the learning effect.


Initial Situation

You want to improve your knowledge of a foreign language. By reading a book or eBook.



For the right pronunciation you take the appropriate audio book. For looking up unknown words and phrases you use one or more online or offline dictionaries. Or maybe a translated copy of the book? Great! – But stop! Reading, listening, searching from three or more sources? That's rather impractical. Finding a word or phrase. The meaning according to the context. The right position in the mother-tongue copy. Back to the foreign-language text and to the correct position in the audio book. That's no fun. So, let's kick it out.



  • The Read-Aloud-Read-Along-App collects all elements in one place.
  • Listening and reading along happens on a single page.
  • Changing apps or using dictionaries is unnecessary.


Specific Features

  • Several readers in both languages differing in speed or accent, activatable individually, their order changeable.
  • Adjustable pauses and breaks before, between and after the different readers.


Main Screen

At the top there are buttons for

  • information,
  • reader-settings,
  • time-settings
  • and chapter selection.

In the middle, short sections (one to three sentences) are

  • displayed in both languages
  • and read out aloud.


  • Buttons for Play/Pause and navigating between sections.
Main Screen
Main Screen

Info Page

  • When displayed, audio will be stopped. That's the same with the other subpages.
  • You can toggle the language of the user interface by the link on the top.
  • On this page you can read about the app's purpose and usage and about contributors and editors.
  • Let's go back to main screen. By the arrow in the upper left hand corner.
Info Page
Info Page

Reader Settings

For both languages several readers can be available. They might, for example, differ in

  • speed
  • and accent.


  • You can activate them individually.
  • You can change their order by dragging them up or down.
Reader Settings
Reader Settings

Time Settings

Here you can adjust periods of time during which the app will wait

  • before the first reader,
  • between readers
  • and after the last reader

before it will proceed automatically.


Alternatively you can set break points. Reaching such a break the app will wait for you to push the play/pause button.

Time Settings
Time Settings

Chapter Selection

Here you can select Preface, chapters etc. where the text and audio is to be continued.

Chapter Selection
Chapter Selection

That's (nearly) it

  • All we need now is someone to build the app and to edit and cut the short but numerous text and audio files.
  • In my opinion the special potential of such an app would be that you can have the courage to read an extensive foreign-language book even with limited knowledge of that language. You set pauses and breaks that suit your needs, select several readers who do not talk too fast and take your time to check the translation of a sentence, go back and repeat a section. And most importantly: you do not have to struggle with different sources.
  • The App could be used for license-free texts and audios as well as for commercial material.
  • Of course the conditions for the use of the entire material has to be checked before editing.
  • Existing or newly recorded audio files have to be cut according to section length.
  • For this draft I use sentences from and


At the end I have a request

If you know apps of the same or similar kind, please let me know. I have searched the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and did not find any.