Ring with Cat Sticker
Ring with Rooster Sticker
Ring with Frog Sticker
Ring with Gem Sticker
Ring with Smartphone Sticker

Release Date



Idea and Description

Kurt Andro


Ring for Children

  • Fully encapsulated plastic housing (waterproof)
  • Three internal components
    • A sound generator and a battery in the upper part
    • A sensor (push button) at the lower edge triggered by thumb
  • Variants,
    • that play only a certain sound (e.g. animal voice, music, ring tone) and are delivered with a matching sticker (e.g. frog, cat, dog, horse, lion, cow, gem, smartphone)
    • that are able to play more than one sound; each push of the button plays a different one
    • for adults: bigger ring diameter; different sounds: ringing, hooting, laughing, clapping, cheering, booing…