Two-Power Lamp

  • For hallway, bathroom and toilet
  • As a ceiling or wall lamp
  • An improvement for anyone who "must get out" at night ...
Ceiling Mounting
Ceiling Mounting
Wall Mounting
Wall Mounting

Release Date

English version: 07/02/2015, German version: 04/18/2014


Idea and Description

Kurt Andro


Brief Description, Objective

Hallway, bathroom, toilet lamp with integrated nightlight



The lighting for the nightly way to the toilet (after you have already slept and your eyes have therefore become accustomed to the darkness) is not optimal ly realized in many homes. It is too dark (dangerous) or too light (unpleasant).

The illumination is often too weak or too patchy, because the light of night lights possibly used * is not sufficient in all places (→ risk of impact, tripping, falling), or it is too bright, because the normal hallway, bathroom, toilet lights will be used (→ glare, problems with falling asleep again).
Ideally, the entire path should therefore be illuminated evenly and bright enough so you can walk, but certainly not brighter than necessary.
* Night lights are often not a good solution, since sockets are rare. In hallways they are often hidden behind cabinets etc.; in toilets, there are sometimes no sockets at all.



A lamp for wall or ceiling mounting with the following special features

  • E14 socket for a bulb with low power, such as incandescent bulb or LED 5 Watt 2 Watt
  • E27 socket for a bulb with high power, for example 60 watt bulb or LED 10 Watt
  • Rotary switch to switch between small and large power is used for wall mounting
  • A plug-on lever, which replaces the rotary switch knob for ceiling mounting and attached to it the ends of cords which can be reduced to a suitable level, depending on ceiling height and body size of the user
  • at the ends of the cords handles are attached, which show by their different size which power is preselected even when the lamp is off

You can then either leave this lamp on low power overnight (eg to make it easier for children, the elderly, sick people) or one only selects the low power and then switches as needed in the usual fashion by the wall switch(es).