Warning Lamp

Did you ever walk quickly into your kitchen in the dark and did you have to learn the hard way that the dishwasher was open?

Did you have "only" a bruised shin or did you even fall down?

The Warning Lamp is supposed to protect you from that.


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Idea and Description

Kurt Andro


Warning Lamp with sensors
Warning Lamp with sensors


Opened dishwasher doors, especially in dim lighting, are a real tripping hazard. While there are devices with an interior light that is turned on when you open the device (which is great!) the vast majority are not equipped with such a thing.



A small LED lamp with the following characteristics

  • battery powered
  • to be fixed by a magnetic or an adhesive pad on the front door
  • two motion sensors which are arranged at the side periphery of the lamp at a distance of 90 degrees
  • a brightness sensor, which is mounted centrally between the two motion sensors
  • a position sensor, which is located inside the equipment
  • a signal tone generator (optional)
  • a control logic

With the help of the sensors, the lamp is only switched on (and possibly beeps), if

  • the door is open (position sensor)
  • AND the ambient light is weak (brightness sensor)
  • AND someone approaches from the front or from the side of the device (motion sensors)

If nobody moves any longer in proximity of the appliance, the lamp is switched off again.

Depending on the room situation, one single lamp (on the left or right side of the door) will be sufficient. But the safest of course will be two lamps; one left, one right.