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Should you find legally problematic content on websites of other providers to which I have linked from here, I would be very grateful for a notification from you, so I can check the sites concerned and remove the links if necessary.



On this website I use only materials for which I own the copyright myself, which may be used freely (e.g. from or for which I have a permission of usage of the copyright holder.

Should you find any content on this website you believe or know to be problematic when used due to copyright problems or other reasons, please inform me. I will examine the relevant content immediately and remove it if necessary.


Portrait Rights

In the representation of people in photos and videos I respect the individual's right to their own image. This means I do not use illustrations of people who are in the foreground and are easily recognizable without their consent.

Should you find any images of people on this site of which you believe or know that they have not consented to their use, please inform me. I will examine the relevant content as soon as possible and remove it if necessary.



I will publish your personal information, such as address, e-mail etc. only with your signed agreement, and moreover, I will not give it to third parties without your explicit consent. For details see: Da­ten­schutz­er­klä­rung (German)